First opened its door to the public in January 2016, Messy Hands was founded on a passion for the clay art and an ideal to make locally-made ceramics accessible to our community. Through Messy Hands, we hope to cultivate an appreciation for ceramic arts and crafts and contribute to building a vibrant ceramic arts culture in our community.

The shop occupies a space carved out from what was originally a private sanctuary for the founder ceramist, Kok Pei Foong. A working studio, nested within the shop, offers glimpses of the creative process and facilitates informative exchanges between the customers and our resident ceramist.

We have a wide selection of exquisite works that are painstakingly handcrafted individually by our ceramists. Each piece of work is an art, created thoughtfully and expresses the unique style and inspiration of the ceramist. Do feel free to speak to us and we are delighted to be able to share more about our creations with you.

Talk to us if you have something specific in mind. We offer custom-made service with no minimum quantity required. Do appreciate that each piece is crafted individually by hands and no two pieces are the same.

Embrace individuality, authenticity and uniqueness!