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Messy Hands ceramic shop is a space dedicated to showcase the masterpieces of Singapore ceramists. We feature works from a selected group of talented and highly-skilled ceramists, each with a distinctive style and speciality. Each piece of work is unique, thoughtfully created and hand-made from scratch by our ceramists.

Talk to us if you have something specific in mind. We offer custom-made service with no minimum quantity required. As part of a concerted effort to promote Singapore arts and crafts, we have deliberately kept our prices affordable to encourage residents to appreciate and use locally-made products.



by local ceramists

I do not impose my will on materials, but allow the materials to speak through me.

Choo Woon

While the forms of ceramic art may change suddenly and drastically, materials and methods change very slowly, understanding the basic is the key to master the act. 

Yeo Yek Kian

Clay is a versatile medium and an unique vehicle for personal expression. Its malleability allows endless design possibilities.

Gan Hui Beng

Despite the years in the pottery line, it is still intriguing to see how it is possible to mould a lump of clay from nothing into something. With my passion in clay art, I felt empowered to overcome life obstacles.

Lynn Teo